6 New Features Implemented by Facebook that You Must Know

With 2017 now in full swing, are you doing all you can do to optimise your Facebook marketing strategy or Facebook Page Features? A whole slew of new features was rolled involving the conclusion of last year and now – and there are some that you really can not manage to miss.

In this post, I’ll emphasise six Facebook features that are new that every brand must consider right now.

1. Posting best practices for 2017

For example, BuzzSumo’s review of 800 million Facebook posts curated during 2016 emphasised some of these hints:

Be short – Posts comprising less than 50 characters were found to be the most participating.
Post off peak – When afterwards the News Feed is not as busy receive more participation, typically, posts shared.
Video posts (live or recorded) receive more shares than all other post kinds.
Inquire questions – Questions got more likes than all other post types

2. Optimise your cover picture for mobile and desktop

Facebook shows Page cover images at 820 x 312 pixels on a desktop computer, and 640 x 360 pixels on smartphones. Means (somewhat confusingly) that cover photographs can appear otherwise on desktop and mobile.

To ensure any text on your cover photo also displays on mobile (i.e. is not obscured or cropped), create an invisible buffer of 134 pixels either side and feature the text in the middle – the remaining 560 pixels.

3. Set Up Vacation and Custom Reminders

I typically urge all businesses plan and agenda content in advance, but in the event, you’re one of those of US which tends to post on the fly to Facebook, you might need want setup Reminders to make sure you don’t miss out on specific dates.

Reminders will notify you about upcoming vacations, or you also can definitely setup your own by time and day.

According to Facebook:

“We can remind you to update your page on days that are important to you personally. Regular posts assemble visitor trust and engagement, and reminders can allow it to be simpler to follow a posting schedule.”

To place a reminder, see your Page settings and click “Reminders” from the left-hand menu.

4. Change your profile photograph to a video

Some Pages and all profiles can now record or upload a video of up to seven seconds to utilise as a profile video, which will replace your current inactive profile photo and loop always.

Subtlety could very well be the most effective strategy for this particular feature – you still need users to identify your brand name or logo quickly. You can now only add a profile video from iPhone or Android.

To add a profile video from iPhone:

Go to your profile and tap your profile video or photo
Take a new video to be made by a New Profile Video or tap Select Profile Video to choose a video on your cellphone
Record a brand new video or select a video on your cellphone

5. Add captions to video ads automatically

When using social media on mobile, people prefer having the choice to opt into sound on videos. Facebook’s researchers found that when mobile video advertising play loud when folks aren’t expecting it, 80% of people react negatively, both toward the advertiser and also the platform.

You might take this as a notice to create video advertisements that don’t need any sound to be understood. However, in cases where this is not possible, you have consistently been able to add closed captions. Now, however, they can be automatically generated by Facebook in video advertising.

Automated captions are currently only accessible through Power Editor. When creating video advertisements in Power Editor, your video captions will probably generate automatically after uploading your video (it might take several minutes for them to appear).

Once your video advertising has finished uploading, click “Choose”.
Below “Video Captions”, you will see a dropdown that says “Generate Automatically”.

If you have selected “Generate Automatically”, you will see two choices: Review manually before they are added or Let Facebook review for accuracy and add mechanically. I’d recommend considering manually in case Facebook ‘s audio detection in” t quite in sync with your audio message.

6. Broadcast live video from your desktop

When you have not experimented with Facebook Live in a while, its most recent upgrade introduces a number improvements that give more control and flexibility over live broadcasts, including to brands:
Broadcasting from a web browser – Now you can go live on Facebook straight from the net on your desktop computer, not only from a cellular as was previously the case. Where you compose a standing, click the “Start A Live Video” option.

Live subscribers for Pages – A new “Live Contributor” part is now obtainable in Pages, which enables admins to give particular people the capability to broadcast live. Before this, only admins could go live from a Page. To add a new live contributor, see the Delegate a Brand New Page Part section within Settings “>> Page Jobs.
Improved video metrics –

Facebook’s constantly evolving, and these six tools are just the latest in a long line of upgrades. It’s worth keeping tabs on the latest tools and features, and contemplating how they might benefit your company.

The best way to optimise your brand’s or Business Facebook page

1. Select a search-friendly Page name

Be sure that anyone who is searching for your brand’s Page can quickly locate it. That means having a clear Facebook Page name—rather your company’s name.

While your instincts might tell you to contain any and every relevant keyword in your Facebook Page name, this won’t serve you. Keyword stuffing signals junk, meaning the authenticity of your Page will soon affect from it. Keep your Facebook Page name straightforward and clear.

2. Create your own Vanity Url

Another way to make your Facebook Page more discoverable is with a vanity URL. Once your Page has 25 Likes, you can set a custom URL (or Page “username”) to better reflect your company. This custom Page username can only be set once, so pick wisely.

Each username can only be maintained by one individual or company, so the sooner you place yours, the better. It’s possible for you to always check the availability of your vanity URL at http://www.facebook.com/username.

Be sure to pick a correct and exact username, rather the name of your company and Facebook Page.

3. Fill out your business’ About section with information that is helpful

Your Facebook Page About section can save your business plenty of headaches and time. If a customer is looking to touch base with your firm, there is a good chance they’ll be checking out your Facebook Page description for contact information.

Use the About section to share useful tips like other social networking handles, contact number, address, your internet domain name, and hours of operation.

It’s also wise to list information about your Facebook Messenger protocol, such as your customer care representatives’ on-line hours and estimated response time. That helps to manage expectations from your clients and keeps your customer care advocates accountable.

Big businesses like KLM Royal Dutch Airlines use the About room to share their Page Guidelines, as well as their most working hours, including estimated response times to a code of conduct plus customer inquiries. It’s significant to set these guidelines for your audience understands how you handle your Page.

4. Upload profile photographs and dynamic cover

Your Page’s header image and profile graphic are your chance to make a great first impression. Make sure these components align with and are identifiable as a sign of your brand.

Your profile image accompanies your business name when your Page interacts with users and in search results. It is a superb place to set a picture or your official emblem with a symbol overlay. Facebook urges the dimensions for your profile image be 180 x 180 pixels, which displays as 160×160 on the desktop.

The cover photo is the most visible image on your Facebook Page. While this picture doesn’t always have to have a logo, it needs to be relevant to your brand. As an example, bath giant Lush Cosmetics and natural beauty use a photograph of one of their bath bombs melt as their header image.

Think about what the first impression you want your own Facebook Page to choose and to make your images accordingly.

5. Use Backlinks For Your Facebook Page

With backlinks, you are going to boost the trustworthiness of your company’ Page and have a better chance to scale the Google search rankings.

Link back to your brand’s Facebook Page. Include a link at the underside of your blog where appropriate and posts on your website. Encourage bloggers and other businesses to do the same whenever possible, like in exchange for content or when mentioning your business.

6. Contain a compelling call-to-actions

Do you want visitors to do once they get to your Facebook Page? Think about this as you consider your general company aims, then develop an appropriate CTA on your Page.

Facebook added the call-to-action button to Pages in 2014, with display options such as book now, contact us, sign up, see the video, use program, play game, and shop.

Learn how to add a CTA to your Facebook Page with Facebook ’s step by step guide.

7. Pay attention to Page Insights

The more details you’ve got about your audience, the more content you’ll be able to create to satisfy their requirements. Facebook’s Page Insights tool makes it easy to collect data about your buffs are socialising with the content you share as well as your Page.

Insights give you info about your Page’s general performance, including data on audience demographics and engagement. Insights let you see metrics on your posts to understand how lots of people you’re reaching. You’ll also see how many reactions and comments are obtained from particular posts.

An essential characteristic of Insights is the capability to see how a lot of folks have clicked on your call-to- address, site, phone number, and action button. This information is divided by demographics including age, sex, country, city, and apparatus, making it easier for you to create tailored future content.
Pick your tabs attentively

8. You have the capacity to personalise your Facebook Page with tabs.

Tabs appear on the left-hand side of your Facebook Page and include general options for example Photographs and an About section. By adding other tabs and apps that improve the user experience, you can take your Page to another level.

Facebook tab programs, for example, TabSite, enable you to build custom tabs in order you can run campaigns, contests, share special offers, and capture leads. For a listing of other tablature alternatives, see our post 32 Useful Facebook Page Programs for Your Company.

If you’re a programmer or are dealing with a developer, you can even create custom tabs from scratch. To learn more on this, see the Facebook for Developers Guide on Page Tablatures.

Your Facebook Page is a reliable tool for your business. With some tactical changes, you can make your Facebook Page work better for your brand.

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